MYAN Policy Submissions

MYAN makes regular Policy Submissions to government and non-government organisations on issues relevant to young people of migrant and refugee background.

Submission to the Federal Inquiry into Migrant Settlement Outcomes

On Thursday, 17 November 2016 the Federal Government asked the Joint Standing Committee on Migration to inquire into and report on migrant settlement outcomes. The Committee was asked to focus on the effectiveness of services in promoting better settlement outcomes for migrants, giving "particular consideration to social engagement of youth migrants, including involvement of youth migrants in anti-social behavior such as gang activity." 

Read MYAN's Submission here.

You can also read the submission made by the MYAN Youth Ambassadors Network, as well as those of a number of young people and MYAN state and territory affiliated organisations here


MYAN's Statement on freedom of speech in Australia to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights 

"MYAN strongly opposes proposals to weaken the racial discrimination provisions of the Racial Discrimination Act, or to amending section 18C". Read full statement here


Temporary Parent Visa

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A submission to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on the introduction of a temporary parent visa. The DIBP Discussion Paper is available here.


Employability Skills - Youth Jobs PaTH

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A submission to the Department of Education on the employability skills component of Youth Jobs PaTH. Pre- employment and basic skill training in employability skills could potentially be very positive for young people from CALD background, and particularly for refugee young people with limited or no experience of the Australian work place culture. This submission provides a national perspective, drawing on the MYAN’s breadth of experience working with young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, their communities, and the youth and settlement sectors across Australia. The submission responds to a selection of the questions that MYAN regards as central to determining how relevant this element of the Jobs PaTH package will be to migrant and refugee young people.

Australia's Refugee and Humanitarian Programme 2016-17

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A submission to Department of Immigration and Border Protection on Australia's Refugee and Humanitarian Programme for 2016-2017. The submission highlights a number of key international protection concerns facing refugee and asylum seeking young people across the world, explores how the rights and needs of young people are being addressed within Australia's Refugee and Humanitarian Programme, and identifies barriers to settlement outcomes for young people of migrant and refugee background within current settlement support arrangements. MYAN thanks the many contributors to this submission who shared their concerns and experiences, as well as their ideas and recommendations.

Employment Services - building on success

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A submission to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) in response to their discussion paper on Australian Government employment services programs. Education, training and employment transitions is one of the MYAN’s five policy priorities and this submission highlights the importance of understanding the  particular barriers young people of migrant and refugee background experience in securing employment, explores good practice and successful partnerships.