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National consultations, meetings and roundtables

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Vaccine related information for multicultural communities

The Department of Health and Aged Care developed this information pack and translated resources for you, your community and other multicultural communities.

Please download the Information Pack for multicultural communities about COVID-19 and share it with your networks and community.

Please find attached the COVID-19 Vaccines Multicultural Outreach Information Pack, developed by the Department of Health and Aged Care.

This information pack includes translated COVID-19 vaccine information. The pack contains translated resources on:

  • Protecting yourself against COVID-19 and influenza
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding and COVID-19 vaccines
  • COVID-19 vaccine doses
  • COVID-19 vaccinations for children
  • COVID-19 oral treatments

Still questioning whether you or your child should take the COVID-19 vaccine?

Check into the Decision Aid on Link in Bio- Decision aid is designed to help you decide whether COVID-19 vaccination is right for you or your child. In five simple steps, it will give you the information you need about the virus and the vaccine, and help you think about what the risks and benefits of vaccination mean for you and your family.

For Children – https://www.ncirs.org.au/covid-19-decision-aid-for-children?lang=en
For Adults – https://www.ncirs.org.au/covid-19-decision-aid-for-adults?utm_source=COVID-19+vaccine+information+for+multicultural+communities

ATAGI Booster dose advice- 15 Nov 2022

In line with the changing variants and severity of the various COVID-19 virus, ATAGI regularly researches and updates the vaccine and booster dose eligibilities.

This package contains information on vaccines for children, for youth above the age of 18 and many others.

Check the link attached document regarding the intake of Booster dose vaccines released on 15 Nov 2022.

Please find below a list of COVID-19 resources from the Department of Health and Aged Care for on-sharing:

New Opportunities

#Staystrongtogether campaign

The #Staystrongtogether campaign is being expanded to bring together voices from youth aged 5-30 from multicultural communities in Australia. For the same, MYAN has launched a contest. This contest allows both young and youth from within the multicultural communities to send through their art pieces in support of the vaccine and boosters. See below for the call for submissions.

Submit your entries by 7th January 2022 via this form


Author: Akansha Chaubey


Author: Akansha Chaubey


Author: Akansha Chaubey


Author: Mirdhula Yathra


Author: Kumari Pallavi Prajapati


Author : Rakshan


Author:  Trehan Sai


Author : Kyi Thitsar


Author:  Barnabee Diep-Dubois

Rank 2

Author: Joshua

Rank 1 

Author: Leidy Patiño
Rank: 9