Women at Risk Visa Holder (Subclass 204)

MYAN Consultation Report, in collaboration with Migration Council Australia (MCA)



We’re pleased to share our most recent report, in collaboration with the Migration Council of Australia, “Women at Risk Visa Holders (Subclass 204) Consultation Report.”

WaR visa holders arriving in Australia share common pre-arrival vulnerabilities, including exposure to physical and sexual violence, and post-traumatic stress disorder, but to date, no national work has been undertaken to understand the particular settlement challenges experienced by young people arriving on this visa.

This report is intended to provide insights into how women and young people arriving through the WaR program are faring in their settlement journey, including good practice and gaps in support. It provides a summary of key findings from a national sector consultation and individual interviews with service providers in relation to the settlement experiences of women and youth under the 204 visa category.

MYAN and MCA also considered it important, to understand the current settlement experiences of Women at Risk visa holders in light of the 2019 Australian Government announcement to increase the intake of WaR at Risk cohort to 20 per cent of Australia’s total humanitarian intake ( though this was subsequently impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and Australia’s current international border closures).

MYAN would like to thank our 2020 student on placement Kate Lonergan for her work on this report.


Read the Women at Risk Visa Holder (Subclass 204) Consultation Report