Discussion Paper: How can the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) better support young people?












MYAN is pleased to share with you our discussion paper, prepared in consultation with AMEP and settlement service providers. It highlights the importance of a taking a youth focussed approach to English language classes, and provides guidance on how this can be achieved – in order to strengthen the responsiveness of AMEP to the young people in the program.

This paper includes:

  • Key findings from:
    • MYAN consultations with government, AMEP providers and other sector representatives held in late 2019 and 2020, including meetings specifically in response to COVID-19
  • Good practice case examples from across the country, and
  • Recommendations for Government, as they consider the future directions of the program.

MYAN supports greater flexibility within English language programs as essential to respond to the varying needs and skills of young people, both in terms of teaching and learning styles, and in terms of the eligibility period for AMEP tuition. We will continue to engage with Government as it considers future improvements to the program.