MYAN Australia is recruiting for a Youth Ambassador Network (YAN) representative for South Australia!

Are you a young person from a refugee or migrant background who is actively involved and passionate about making a change for their community on a national level?

Then MYAN Australia’s Youth Ambassadors Network might be the next leadership and advocacy opportunity for you…

Current 2020 Youth Ambassador Network


General information about the YAN

Who is the Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network Australia (MYAN)?

Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network Australia (MYAN) is the national peak body representing the rights and interests of young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, and those who work with them. We work in partnership with young people, government and the non-government sectors to ensure young people’s rights and interests are recognised in policy and service delivery. MYAN works from the premise that young people from refugee, asylum seeker and migrant backgrounds are experts on their own lives, with particular experiences and perspectives that are often not heard by decision makers in designing policy and programs.  We work alongside young people in all aspects of our work and support the development of young people’s leadership and advocacy skills to engage with decision makers, including Government and MPs, and influence the national agenda. We facilitate access to leadership and advocacy opportunities for young people across Australia and one of our a key structures is our Youth Ambassadors Network (YAN).

What is the purpose of the YAN?

The YAN is an important mechanism for MYAN Australia to engage directly with young people and ensure that young people’s voices are integral to our work. The YAN also provides a platform for young people to strengthen their leadership and advocacy skills and engage with national advocacy activities to influence the national agenda on multicultural youth issues.

What is involved?

Being involved in the YAN is a great opportunity for professional development, as well as engaging in advocacy at a national level. In your role as a representative of your state on the YAN, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend regular meetings, held every two months and meet with other YAN representatives face-to-face at least once a year.
  • Share responsibilities in chairing YAN meetings
  • Shape and participate in the delivery of MYAN projects that amplify the voices of young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to influence the national agenda, including online events and digital campaigns.
  • Work alongside MYAN staff and the State and Territory Advocacy Network (STAN) to participate in key events.
  • Strengthen your leadership and advocacy skills through training opportunities and access to resources.
  • Identify and speak on key issues affecting young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds in the national arena.
  • Develop national networks, make an impact and have some fun!

Who can apply?

Young people aged 18-25 years old and who have:

  • A connection/s to a local youth organisation in SA that supports young people in leadership and advocacy*
  • A migrant or refugee background (including born in Australia to a migrant parent)
  • An interest in social issues affecting young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds at a local, state/ territory and national level
  • Good communication and team work skills
  • A passion for and demonstrated experience/involvement in leadership/advocacy activities at the local/state level – ability to articulate issues of concern for young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds
  • A passion for leading positive change for young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds
  • A willingness and availability to participate in bi-monthly YAN meetings and support the work of the YAN between meetings
  • A commitment to attending (dates pending) at least one face-to-face meeting a year

*Connection to supporting organisations

This requirement is critical to ensure that young people can be supported locally through their state or territory-based youth organisation, as well as receiving supported through MYAN Australia.



Applications close 12th October 11.59 pm

(Date has been extended to the 12th October)

All applications are considered confidential – the information you provide will not be shared without your permission. If you have any questions or would like any more information, please contact:

Mehak Sheikh (Youth Leadership Officer)
Shannon White (Policy and Advocacy Officer)


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Author: Akansha Chaubey


Author: Akansha Chaubey


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